Wednesday, June 30, 2010

if i'm being honest.

there isn't one day when i don't think about you. think about what we had. how you treated me. what it would be like if we were still together and if you had kept to your promises. i walk places, i see sights i saw in your arms, now in my own. i'm glad you left because i'm better off on my own. i told you i would be miserable at best without you, which i was, for months. But i guess i've finally stopped caring, stopped putting something into nothing. I still care about you, i always will. I just wouldn't put my own life at risk to save yours anymore. I won't put myself on the ground where i'll take yet another bullet for you in your family. i always thought you filled the place where i'd once been broken, but you didn't fill it. you covered it. you wern't my 'one'. you wern't my first love. you were just a boy i was foolish with. you are nothing to me anymore.

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