Monday, June 21, 2010

hello, my name is jasmine.

im done with the past, im done with the feelings. im done with the regret. and the stupid mistakes. im done with feeling like i have nothing left to give. im done with trying to hard and having nothing in return. im done with everything. i cant begin to describe how much i wish i would turn back the clock. and not do some of the things ive done. but i have and im sorry. im trying to do the right thing, by everyone. not just for myself but sometimes, you have to put yourself before everyone else. and that's what im doing. because for now its about me i cant open my doors to anyone else, to anymore hurt. so im putting my walls back up. and i hope one day somebody somewhere, will come along and knock me off my feet. telll me everything i wana hear and mean if from the bottom of their hearts. to tell me im amazing, and that im beautiful. i want that someone that will just text me to tell me they love me. i know somewhere there's that person. but im wasting so much energy on people that dont matter, that i miss that person. who's right before my eyes. so for now, i give up. i throw it all on the floor. and im walking away for the better. because, im ready for whatever the future will throw at me, because my mum always told me. what doesnt kill me will only make me stronger.

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