Tuesday, July 6, 2010

even though you wish we never met, i'm glad we did. i'm glad we did all that we did.

It all happened the way it happened for a reason. it ended the way it did and started because of me. i'm sorry for forgetting your birthday, for starting fights and not accepting wendy but i'm glad i spent 5 months of my life with you, with everyone knowing i was yours and you were mine.. sure there were times where i wanted to punch you in the face and leave because it was the easiest thing to do - just to give up on it all but i couldn't. you did though. when i needed you the most and that hurt more then anything else. it wasn't the broken promises, or the amount of things i believed it was because you took the one thing that kept me going, kept me smiling, but without warning without even asking me first. Who am i kidding? i'm not over you, i won't ever be completly. it was you who taught me how to smile when my world was crashing down, who cuddled me so tight when i was angry, who texted me the sweetest things when i was unsure of who i am. You held me together, you made me who i am. I'm still trying, not conciously, but to be the girl you wanted me to be. I miss you, but then i don't care. i don't regret it, i don't regret us. not for one minute. not anymore. you though, you don't care about me. not for one moment. i was a mistake. a muck up in your eyes. in your eyes alex, i must look like the most foul living human to ever exsist. but in mine, i'm just another girl who was hurt by a boy who never cared.

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